JUN 22nd 2024 - Hurstpierpoint - Sussex Top Club

DATE: 22nd June 2024






RESULT: WIN (81-82)

Stuart Hooker, Dave Buckton, David Gibbons, Gwilym Morgan (s) lost 20.15

Fred Knotts, Colin Carter, Mark White, Ken Clark(s) won 20-28

Kevan Paige, Kevin Gibbs, Eric Shoyer, Lindsay Bangs(s) draw 21-21

Tom O’Donnell, Dave Mill, Ian Harper, Ian Ford(s) lost 20-18


Gwilym on rink 1 was behind for most of the game but closed this to 5 shots losing 15-20

Kens team on rink 2 were behind after the first few ends but gradually took the lead and gained a large shot advantage before dropping a 4 in the latter ends eventually delivering a healthy 8 shot win 28-20  2 points

Lindsay on rink 4 was behind early in the game and gradually drew level then had a very tight game gaining a shot on the last end to get a draw 21-21  1 point

Ian Ford on rink 5 had a fairly balanced game with the lead changing a couple of times. It was a draw at the start of the last end but unfortunately dropped 2 shots to go down 18-20

The rinks the score was 3-5 but on overall shots Witterings won 82-81 gaining a further 2 points to leave the match at 5points each.

Great afternoon of bowls