MAY 25th 2014   CRABLANDS   (4 rinks men LG League) A

Post date: May 25, 2014 6:26:1 PM

Wittering 74 Crablands 68

An enjoyable match with Wittering winning by six shots over all and gaining 6 points.

F. Bray,G. Murphy,J. Langworthy,E.Shoyer(s) won 19-9

M. King, A. Gander,R. Stephens,B. Horsley (s)  lost 14-23

G. Morgan, J. Paul, F. Knotts, J. Hostler(s)  lost 19-22

P. Chivers, C. Jelf, L. Bangs, D. Bell(s) won  22-14