Post date: Oct 19, 2014 6:31:4 PM

Our Trip to the Costa Del Sol.

After an uneventful trip to the airport (thanks to Ricky Kelly) we all arrived safely at our hotel albeit quite late where we were sped through reception and into a late dinner in the hotel restaurant. Sunday was a free day but due to the torrential rain most stayed in the hotel. The rest of the week was hot and sunny and allowed us to play our matches without interruption. Not being used to playing on the rather different surfaces than here we did find it difficult. Our first match at Benalmadena finished 3 rinks all, our second at the Super Bowl resulted in a win on one rink, our third at Mijas resulted in one drawn game and our fourth in one win and one draw at Benavista. It is of no doubt we were well received at all the clubs but their facilities at times left some things to be desired. On Saturday morning we were able to arrange another game against another touring team and playing four rinks we won on all.

We were impressed by the organisation of Bowling Abroad who organised the events in Spain but a special mention must go to Ken Clark who dealt with all the work at this end. The hotel Riu BelPlaya lived up to its 4 star rating providing us all with excellent food and comfortable, clean rooms. The members who travelled expressed a wish to do a follow-up tour next year to Portugal where we will be able to play on grass and we hope to be able to set this in motion soon subject to approval.