Post date: Sep 15, 2014 12:6:47 PM


In the balmy, twilight evening, as the sun begins to sink

The little fairy lights began to illuminate each rink

For the ‘Candlelit Evening’, we didn’t use one candle

Solar powered lights were put to use, and were easier to handle

A year had gone and Candlelit Bowls, had come round once again

Warm weather and full moon, not like last year’s wind and rain!

Forty members attended, with thirty in eight teams

But playing bowls with little light, is harder than it seems

With lots of fun and laughter, Stuart is heard to bark

“Perhaps I should stick to this, I play better in the dark”

Six teams played ten ends each, but two teams got quite flustered

When the Queen of Hearts stopped her game, to go and stir the custard.

Fancy dress with Hippies, Queen of Hearts, Cruella and an Afghan

But the prizes went to Cleopatra and a very chubby Batman

The meal it was a great success, washed down with wine and beer

Get your fancy dress, night vision goggles, ready for next year.

By Dave Clapton.