04/05 Sept. Club Finals Weekend

Post date: Sep 06, 2010 8:27:6 PM

The Club Finals weekend of September 4 and 5th started off with the Ladies and Mens 100 up, The Juniors and The Veterans. Marina Aylward gave Carole a tough game in the Ladies 100 up, but Carole battled on and won. John Langworthy in the mens 100 up played Mark White and luckily for John beat him. Mark was one of our newer members of recent years who John coached. Our Juniors also was played by 2 our our newer members, John Hardy and Lindsay Bangs and this was won by Lindsay. In our veterans competition Ray Stephens beat Fred Knotts. I don’t think Ray wants any other name on this cup as he has won it for the past few years.

After a delicious BBQ provided by Lindsay and Judy Bangs the afternoon kicked off with the Ladies Singles - Chris Horsley beating Jean Edwards. The Mens Singles with Fred Knotts beating Jim Slogrove and our Club Pairs with Lindsay Bangs and Jan Derkatsch winning against Maureen Mulligan and Stuart Hooker.

Sunday dawned with yet another day of great bowling but unfortunately the sun stayed hidden for most of the day. In the morning Mark White beat Jim Slogrove in the handicap, Jim having to give Mark 6 shots, Paul Chivers beat Keith Maxwell in the 2 wood and Fred Knotts beating Lindsay Bangs in the Club Championship. After a break for another BBQ, Sunday afternoon provided a nail biting finale. Chris Horsely and Pat Hutton won the Ladies Pairs over Carole Tuffin and Violet Jeffryes, Stuart Hooker and Derek Jeffryes lost the Mens pairs after an extra end and on the final wood, and the Triples provided a Hot Shot. Roger Smith, Les Cross and Barbara Newman were trailing from behind and put pressure on the hot shot side of Georgina Porter, Judy Bangs and Fred Knotts, to be only 1 behind on the 17th end. The lead changed with each wood on the 18th end but finally the hot shot team clinched it.

Thanks to all the helpers over the weekend, especially Carole Tuffin, Fred Knotts, Jim Slogrove our greenkeeper, and Mark White. Also many thanks to Lindsay and Judy Bangs for feeding the 5000 both days.

Ros Hanbury,

Competition Secretary