AUG 11th 2017   EMSWORTH   (4 triples ladies friendly) A

Post date: Aug 13, 2017 7:46:16 PM

Witterings 61 - Emsworth 50

This match at Emsworth was definitely a 1 off. Their Captain, Judy, apologised for the condition of the green before the match started and she hoped they had chosen the best rinks (1,2,5 & 6) to play on. 

I (Chris Horsley) have certainly never played a match on a green like that before and I will remember it for a long time!

To say that it was a game of 'pot luck' and not a game of bowls is an understatement. Captain Judy explained that they are closing their green early this year (3rd September) so that the green can be re-seeded and a lot of repair work can be carried out.

Let's hope for their sake it is successful as she explained they had lost quite a number of members because of the state of the green this year.

However, it was a challenge, interesting and quite a laugh and I am sure all our ladies enjoyed the experience. We did actually win the match 61-50, and apart from Jan's rink, who won very well, if was a close game. 

Rink 1 - Barbara (Sk), Margaret and Jackie - 13 - 15 (lost)

Rink 2 - Jan (Sk), Judy and Teresa - 21 - 5 (won)

Rink 5 - Maureen (Sk) Helen and Lesley - 12 - 16 (lost)

Rink 6 - Chris (Sk) Marion and Sylvia - 15 - 14 (won) = Witterings 61 - 50 Emsworth

The game was followed by a lovely tea, which was very welcome.   All the Emsworth Ladies were very friendly and they are looking forward to our Ladies Tournament in September.