JUNE 3rd 2017   WESTFIELD BOWLING CLUB, WOKING     (5 triples mixed friendly) H

Post date: Jun 04, 2017 3:48:20 PM

 Witterings v Westfield Bowls Club, Woking

Witterings played host to Westfield Bowls Club, Woking on Saturday.

Five triples matches were played with Witterings winning on three rinks and by 5 shots over all.

Marion Corbett, Gwilym Morgan and Dave Bell (Skip) won 20 – 19

Diane Leach, Tony Nixon and Maureen Mulligan (Skip) Lost 12 – 17

Teresa Heathorn, Fred Knotts and Ray Stephens (Skip) Lost 14 – 17

Julie Mulligan, Stuart Hooker and Ron Prior (Skip) Won 23 – 14

Paul Chivers, Jan Derkatsch and Lindsay Bangs (Skip) Won 20 – 17