Post date: Feb 10, 2012 12:50:57 PM

Hi Folks

Maintenance at the Club goes on all year round. Anyone who has taken a walk up to the Club recently will have noticed all the work that has been done to the green. It should bowl well next season. Seven of the members met up at the Club on Thursday 19th January to trim hedges, rake up leaves and take jumbo bags to the tip. We also managed to replace the fence panel adjacent to the side pedestrian gate (wrecked by high winds). It is not Club policy to name individuals who help, but they may well have the following nicknames at school/work; Jimbo, Knotty, Compo, John-boy, Postie,Dai and I was called Spud. Thank you for your time, see you next week 9.30 - 26th Jan. Any extra help would be very welcome (always plenty to do only for about 1 hour).


PS Did you have a nickname you would like to share with us?