Post date: Sep 10, 2018 10:14:59 AM

Witterings v Alexandra Park Tourists

Witterings & District BC were delighted to welcome the tourists from Alexandra Park BC from Bath in Somerset, to their green today.

Witterings were the first fixture of their tour and when the coach arrived, after a long journey, they were welcomed by officers of the Club and enjoyed a buffet lunch supplied by the Wittering Ladies. The weather was just right and amid much laughter and good humour the match was played in the best of bowling camaraderie.

Following the match, the raffle and plenty of good hearted jokes, the members of Alexandra Park departed for their hotel in Worthing.

The Witterings will have fond memories of this afternoon and wish the Tourists continued success in their visits to other clubs in West Sussex on their tour.

Ron Prior, Alan Somerville, Diane Leach and John Langworthy (Sk) lost 14-17,

Brian Barnes, Sandy Paton, Jackie Clapton and Chris Horsley (Sk) won 16-14,

Susan Hogarth, Chris Jelf, Gwilym Morgan and Anne May (Sk) lost 10-21,

Carole Tuffin, Sheila Currell, Doug Holden and Fred Knotts (Sk) lost 15-18,

David Gibbons, Marion Corbett, Eric Shoyer and Ray Stephens (Sk) won 32-11

and Sue Dobson, Margaret Bowell, Glyn Dobson and Dave Bell (Sk) won 19-8.