JULY 19th 2014   WORTHING 'B'   ( 4 rinks LG League) H

Post date: Jul 19, 2014 4:13:51 PM

Wittering 82 - Worthing ‘B’ 76

A very close and enjoyable LG League game.

Wittering won by a small margin on three rinks and drew one rink.

F. Bray, J. Langworthy, E. Shoyer, J. Slogrove (s) 18 -18

C. Brooks, G. Murphy,S. Hooker, B. Horsley (s) 19 -18

K. Clark, F. Knotts, G. Morgan, J. Hostler (s) 18 -15

P. Chivers, M. King,L. Bangs, D. Bell (s) 27 -25