Post date: Sep 18, 2017 11:24:59 AM

Heavy rain showers didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the thirty members who turned up for the final social event of the season.

Stuart and Val had decorated the pavilion and the tables were set for everyone to enjoy a delicious meal of chilli beef or chicken curry provided by the Boulevard

and all organised by Ros.

By the time the meal was finished the sky had darkened and the bowling greens looked like the runways at Gatwick airport with amazingly straight lines of

solar lights defining the playing areas.

The matches were played - between showers - with much shouting, laughter and flashing torches and a winning team of Chris, Sheila, Geoff and Fred finally emerged.

Everyone returned to the pavilion, replenished the glasses and attempted to produce the answers to the two quizzes set by Stuart.

A great evening and thanks to all those who made it happen.