Post date: Jul 06, 2011 6:26:15 PM

Hi. Thank you for your help on Friday with the maintenance of the grounds. (We do still need more volunteers. if you can help please leave a message on my phone 674282). We have even started cutting back the brambles behind the pavilion and trimming the hedges- more about this soon.

The tourist team from Hay-on-Wye were very complimentary about our club. It is nice to know they went home with warm feelings about us and we helped to make their tour successful.

My Thought of the Day. The job I find most distasteful at the Club is emptying the ashtrays after it has been raining. The cigarette/cigar buts and tobacco floating in the water is unsightly and the smell is disgusting. I believe we only have a few smokers in the club. It takes less than 15 minutes to empty, wash and replace the ashtrays. Perhaps the club smokers, after each match share this job. This would save having tins of sand (another suggestion). This would also be unsightly and again have to be cleaned out. Clean ashtrays, I believe. look nicer than tin cans going rusty.

Happy Bowling