05/08/2011 TERRY'S TRIBUTE

Post date: Aug 07, 2011 1:30:30 PM

Thanks folks. Another successful week of maintenance. The green and surrounding areas are certainly looking nice. The brambles behind the pavilion have now all been cut back and cleared thanks to a couple of hardworking members. Is there anyone out there with a friend who would like to keep it cut back, perhaps once a month? In anticipation my phone number to apply for this prestigious job is 674282. Who spotted the lumberjack and topiary team on Friday? Thanks to both of you.

Thought of the Day

Some members assume that if you leave dirty crockery etc in the sink it will wash itself up and put itself away. Please do not leave it to others to clear up behind you.

PS The Triples Weekend. Great organisation, food ,weather, the green and the teams – what a cracking weekend. Well done everyone.