MAY 17th 2024 - Storrington BML Div1 Mixed

DATE: 17th May 2024

OPPOSITION: Storrington

FORMAT: Triples


TEAM: Mixed


RESULT: LOST (51-20)

This match at Storrington proved to be particularly difficult.  The green was excessively heavy, which their players were obviously used to whereas we are so fortunate with the pace of ours.  We tried very hard as usual, but were up against players who were particularly accurate and, on balance, had more good fortune than us.  Lindsay’s triple were ahead most of the time, but had 3 bad ends where they lost 9 shots. 

Ian was unfortunate with the opposing Skip being the greenkeeper!

Adrian Martin, Diane Leach and Ian Ford lost 4 – 32

Carole Tuffin, Eric Shoyer and Lindsay Bangs lost 16 - 19

All 6 points to Storrington.