28/08/2011 JOHN HOSTLER - Bowler and musician

Post date: Aug 29, 2011 2:22:34 PM

John has been a member of the bowls club for about three years and has made his mark as a keen and valuable player.

Little did we know that he is also a talented musician - singing, playing guitar and drums.

He was in the hugely successful Variety Show at the village hall last week so no longer will he be able to hide his light under a bushel.

Our congratulations to all the cast on a great production.

Herewith a few words from John about the show with videos on youtube for you to click on and enjoy:-

'I have one more video than what I sent here, still need to upload to youtube. The group "Roll over Beethoven" video ,for some reason only Thyrone can explain, is sideways (Chinese version :-) but its me drumming 20 years after selling my drums. These drums belong to the vocalist who just defeated throat cancer, brave guy!

We raised over £1000.00 for the village hall so the hard work (AND IT WAS) was very worthwhile. The sound quality isnt bad considering it was an i phone video, but stage lighting not so grand'.