25/08 WORTHING PAVILION "B" (LG League,home)

Post date: Aug 28, 2010 4:22:3 PM

Wittering 47 - Worthing Pavilion "B"  44

M. Lillywhite, S.hooker, D. Jeffryes, J. Slogrove (s)  Lost 9 - 13

J. Hardy, T. Mulligan, R. Stephens, J. Langworthy (s)      Lost 6 - 16

P. Chivers. L. Bangs, F. Bray,D. Bell (s) Won 20 - 5

G. Morgan, M. White, M. Thresher, F. Knotts (s) Won 12 - 10

Points score 6 - 4.

With the agreement of both captains the match was stopped after 12 ends due to extremely bad weather.

The last few ends were played in torrential rain and both teams had webbed feet by the time they called a halt!