11/07/2011 TERRY - Thanks and thoughts

Post date: Jul 12, 2011 2:23:53 PM

Hi folks. What a great week! I hope you have noticed the amount of work that has been achieved by one new bowler, one associate member and the usual few regulars. Well done. The huge job of trimming the hedges which we have undertaken this year has saved the club an amount equating to £5.00 per member.

This is a brilliant saving but unfortunately maintenance produces rubbish and any members who havn't had any spare time to date, may find a moment to take a bag or two of garden refuse to the Thursday dump. You know my number so please give me a ring if you are unsure about jobs that need doing and any tools you may want. We have a great club but it needs your help to to keep it this way. Thankyou.

The touring side, Wyrral Park Bowling Club, were impressed by our facilities. The weather was near perfect and I think they were reluctant to leave but their evening meal was calling.

Thought of the day

Thank you Andrew Knotts for designing and overseeing this website, ensuring we have up to date results, news and information for all, by browbeating his mother 'til she understood the complexities of monitoring the site!