JULY 7th 2017   PORTSMOUTH WBA PURBROOK HEATH  (12 Witterings & 12 Crablands ladies) A

Post date: Jul 12, 2017 5:33:4 PM

Witterings & Crablands 91 - Purbrook Heath 98

Though we lost by only seven shots we all had a very pleasant afternoon - all played in the spirit of friendship and a fun day. 

As you will see P&D WBA loaned both us and Crablands a team each to make up the shortfall, this was a last minute arrangement but worked well.

The weather was very warm - bordering on being hot - so plenty of liquid was order of the day. The green was tricky so that kept us all on our toes. Generally much enjoyed by us all. 


 Teresa Heathorn, Sheila Currell, Helen Mason and Anne May 17 - 14

Lesley Thomas,Margaret Bowell, Val Hooker and Ros Hanbury 15 - 17

P&D for Witterings  Misty Thomas, Wendy Bradley, Gill Davis and Margaret Salkeld 9 - 31


Briggs, J. Davis, M. Gillbert and J. Ferguson 13 - 8

S. Gray, M. Bateman, C. Cornwell, and V. Foyle 16 - 14  

P&D for Crablands    M Whittle, E. Sadler, J. Adams and P. Terry 21 - 14