2019 Results

  • JULY 15th 2019 MALTRAVERS (2 triples BM League) H Witterings 33 – Maltravers 24 BM League Sue Dobson, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan (s) won 19--14 Glyn Dobson, Ros Hanbury, Carole Tuffin (s) won 14--10 Witterings 6 points.
    Posted 16 Jul 2019, 03:28 by Jen Knotts
  • JULY 14th 2019 NORFOLK 'B' ( 4 rinks men WSB League) H Witterings78 – Norfolk ‘B’ 76 WSB LeagueA close win for Witterings by just 2 shots overall and a gain of 6 points.Colin Carter, John Hardy, Mark White, Ken Clark (s) won 22-13 Doug Holden, Chris Jelf, Fred Knotts, Ray Stephens (s) lost 13-22 Ron Prior, Glyn Dobson, Eric Shoyer, Lindsay Bangs (s) lost 19-26 Stuart Hooker, Brian Barnes, Dave Bell, Gwilym Morgan (s) won 24-15
    Posted 14 Jul 2019, 11:07 by Jen Knotts
  • JULY 12th 2019 SUSSEX VICE PATRONS (5 rinks men F) H Witterings 86 -Sussex V.P's 100A great afternoons bowling with close scoring on all rinks.Stuart Hooker, Doug Holden, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan (s) draw 20 -20Colin Carter, Gordon Silva,John Hardy, Ken Clark (s) lost 17-22Ron Prior, Glyn Dobson, Eric Shoyer, Lindsay Bangs (s) lost 17-19David Gibbons, Nigel Brown, Alan Somerville, Fred Knotts (s) lost 14-18Alex Forsythe,Dennis Clapp, John Heathorn, Dave Bell (s) lost 18-21 
    Posted 14 Jul 2019, 10:54 by Jen Knotts
  • JULY 10th 2019 HAYLING ISLAND (3 triples ladies F) A Witterings 30 -Hayling Island 35The Witterings Ladies travelled to Hayling Island recently for a friendly match on another lovely warm and sunny day.This annual fixture has been in place for many years and is always looked forward to. After a very friendly and enjoyable afternoon the Ladies were treated to a splendid tea, as always. The teams were:Sandy Paton, Sheila Currell, Val Hooker and Diane Leach (Sk) lost, 9 - 19 Ellen Leonard, Sue Dobson, Barbara Newman and Julie Mulligan (Sk) won 21-16'.
    Posted 17 Jul 2019, 02:28 by Jen Knotts
  • JULY 2nd and 4th PAGHAM The Wittering Ladies recently played Pagham in a Friendly match and again in the Sussex County Double Rink Competition, 1 rink home 1 rink away. Although unsuccessful in both, the matches were played in the best of friendship and goodwill and enjoyed by both clubs.
    Posted 10 Jul 2019, 03:16 by Jen Knotts
  • JULY 9th 2019 MIDDLETON (2 rinks GS & M League) H Witterings 35 – Middleton 41 GS & M League In the Game Set & Match Ladies League, Witterings were hosts to Middleton and gained 2 points, MIddleton winning the match and gaining 4 points. The game was extremely close and hard fought - Witterings only losing the match on the last end. Teresa Heathorn, Val Hooker, Chris Horsley and Ros Hanbury (Sk) won 22-18 Julie Mulligan, Sheila Currell, Barbara Newman and Carole Tuffin (Sk) lost 13-23.
    Posted 10 Jul 2019, 03:13 by Jen Knotts
  • JULY 8th 2019 CHICHESTER 'B' (4 rinks men WSB League) H Witterings 79 – Chichester ‘B’ 76 WSB League D. Gibbons, C. Jelf, F. Knotts, R. Stephens (s) won 20 -19 C. Carter, J. Hardy, M. White, K. Clark (s) draw 23-23 R. Prior, J. Langworthy, G. Dobson, E. Shoyer (s) won 26 -13 B. Barnes, S. Hooker, D. Bell, G. Morgan (s) lost 10-21 Two shots on the last end by Ray Stephens team boosted Witterings points to 7 leaving Chichester ‘B’ with 3 points.
    Posted 10 Jul 2019, 03:10 by Jen Knotts
  • JULY 7th 2019 ALDINGBOURNE (2 triples BM League) A Witterings 27 – Aldingbourne 42 BM League A. Somerville, D. Leach, B. Barnes (s) lost 9-25D. Holden, S. Currell. Ken Clark (s) won 18 -17 Wittering 2 points Aldingbourne 4 points.
    Posted 11 Jul 2019, 08:40 by Jen Knotts
  • JULY 4th 2019 BOGNOR REGIS (2 triples BM League) A Witterings 55 – Bognor Regis 23 BM League Diane Leach, Alan Somerville, Fred Knotts (s) won 27 – 11 Brian Barnes, Carole Tuffin, Lindsay Bangs (s) won 28 – 12 A win on both rinks and six points to Witterings.
    Posted 7 Jul 2019, 00:57 by Jen Knotts
  • JULY 1st 2019 CHICHESTER (2 rinks ladies GS & M League) H Witterings 44 – Chichester 31. GS & M League The Wittering Ladies played a GS&M Ladies League match against Chichester Ladies. It was a very friendly game played in a good spirit and the Witterings' Ladies were successful in gaining all six points available winning on both rinks. Sandy Paton, Barbara Newman, Chris Horsley and Ros Hanbury (Sk) won 18-16 Marion Corbett, Sheila Currell, Maureen Mulligan and Carole Tuffin (Sk) won 26 -15.  
    Posted 2 Jul 2019, 03:44 by Jen Knotts
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