AUG 4th 2018 LITTLE SPAIN (5 triples mixed F) H

Post date: Aug 06, 2018 8:24:4 AM

Witterings 99 – Little Spain 69 Friendly

The Witterings had a good win with their Mixed Friendly match against Little Spain recently winning on all rinks.

Helen Mason, Glyn Dobson and Brian Barnes (Sk) won 19-16,

Geoff Harsant, Mark White and Diane Leach (Sk) won 24-9,

Susan Hogarth, Colin Carter and Gwilym Morgan (Sk) won 17-15,

Sue Dobson, Doug Holden and Fred Knotts (Sk)won 22-15

Graham Mason, Sheila Currell and Julie Mulligan (Sk) won 17-14.