MAY 20th. MARINE GARDENS. PC CUP. (4 rinks m. H).

Post date: May 21, 2013 8:8:30 AM

Witterings Men had a very good win in the PC Cup against Marine Gardens. Witterings won on all four rinks and by 32 shots.

Wittering 99 - Marine Gardens 67

F. Bray, M King, J. Hardy, J. Slogrove won 21-14

P. Chivers, A. Somerville, L. Bangs, D. Bell won 26 - 18

T. Nixon, M. White, F. Knotts, J. Hostler won 29 -21

P. Wiggins, T. Gander, R. Stephens, B. Horsley won 23 -14