11/05/11 TELEPOST (4 triples mixed F. Home)

Post date: May 16, 2011 11:12:39 AM

Witterings 63 - Telepost 71

Witterings played in a four triples mixed friendly against Telepost. It was a nice afternoon and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Both Clubs won on two rinks and Telepost won overall by 8 shots in a close match.

Scores: D Clapton, R Hanbury & J Hostler (s) Lost 12-24

V Jeffryes, V Hooker & L Bangs (s) Won 19-14

T Nixon, P Hutton & S Hooker (s) Lost 11-20

J Clapton, J Hardy & D Jeffryes (s) Won 21-13 Top Rink