30/05: Linslade Tourists (Home)

Post date: Jun 01, 2010 1:36:36 PM

Witterings 133 - 100 Linslade Tourists

L Cross, C Jelf, R Hanbury and J Hostler won 30 - 18 against F Patman, J Puddephat, P Irons and W Lines

F Bray, J Hardy, C Tuffin and S Hooker won 21 - 14 against J Baxter, P Harley, J Standen and R Puddephat

F Knotts, P Chivers, J Bangs and M Mulligan won 29 - 11 against D Bacon, D Warner, J Woolhead and P Lee (top rink)

V Hooker, G Porter, B Newman and J Langworthy lost 19 - 26 against K Audas, T Pontin, Pat Irons and J Hollister

M Edwards, K Maxwell, C Porter and P Lillywhite lost 16 - 19 against J Ellerton, R Bacon, R Garrett and D Rawkins

M Lillywhite, P Hutton, L Bangs and M Aylward won 18 - 12 against P Davies, M Butler, G Ahlrichs and D Lee

Total score on shots was 133 - 100