22/05: Little Spain (Home, Friendly)

Post date: May 27, 2010 8:38:18 AM

Witterings 75 - Little Spain 118

Witterings played at home in a 5 rink friendly game against Little Spain, on a very hot and sunny day. The weather was perfect for bowling. Everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere the whole afternoon, finishing with a lovely tea.

Score: L. Boyles M. Cruickshank P. Chivers D. Bell (s) 24 - 12 Top Rink

T. Mulligan V. Jeffryes R. Hanbury J. Langworthy (s) 7 - 24

F. Bray P. Hutton M. Trusler D. Jeffryes (s) 17 - 25

L. Cross K. Maxwell J. Hardy P. Lillywhite (s) 13 - 31

M. Lillywhite J. Mulligan G. Thomas Di. Leach (s) 14 - 26