16/06: R.A.F.A (Home, B&M League)

Post date: Jun 20, 2010 4:49:32 PM

Witterings 39 - 36 RAFA

Witterings played at home in the B & M League against RAFA and won on one rink and lost of one but won overall gaining 4 points.


M. Campbell M Corbett J. Langworthy (s) 24 - 12 Top Rink

P. Chivers P. Lillywhite D. Jeffryes (s) 15 - 24

Also the same evening they played one triples friendly and one pairs friendly game. Winning on both games.

Score: Pairs: L. Boyles C. Horsley (s) 26 - 15

Score: Triples: C. Jelf J. Mulligan G. Thomas (s) 21 - 18