Post date: Sep 15, 2010 5:0:58 PM

J Edwards, T Nixon, C Tuffin and B Horsley won 20 - 15

G Porter, G Harsant, F Knotts and P Lillywhite lost 11 - 26

M Lillywhite, C Porter, B Newman and M Aylward won 18 - 13

P White, M Thresher, J Bangs and C Horsley lost 8 - 31

M Edwards, P Hutton, L Bangs and D Bell lost 20 - 22

L Boyles, J Derkatsch, J Hardy and J Langworthy won 18 - 16

Overall score - Witterings 95 - Faringdon 123

The Wittering weather was at it's best with gale force winds but inspite of this there was some great bowling from both sides.

The friendly atmosphere led to a great afternoon for our visitors.

We could have been better, but could also have been worse!