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posted 15 Sept 2010, 10:00 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 15 Sept 2010, 10:18 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

J Edwards, T Nixon, C Tuffin and B Horsley won 20 - 15
G Porter, G Harsant, F Knotts and P Lillywhite lost 11 - 26
M Lillywhite, C Porter, B Newman and M Aylward won 18 - 13
P White, M Thresher, J Bangs and C Horsley lost 8 - 31
M Edwards, P Hutton, L Bangs and D Bell lost 20 - 22
L Boyles, J Derkatsch, J Hardy and J Langworthy won 18 - 16
Overall score - Witterings 95 - Faringdon 123
The Wittering weather was at it's best with gale force winds but inspite of this there was some great bowling from both sides.
The friendly atmosphere led to a great afternoon for our visitors.
We could have been better, but could also have been worse!

13/09 TELEPOST (away,triples mixed, friendly)

posted 15 Sept 2010, 09:56 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 15 Sept 2010, 09:59 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

Witterings 46 - Telepost 69
L Boyles, J Bangs & D Jeffryes lost 8 - 27
V Jeffryes, C Porter & K Maxwell won 13 - 11
P White, J Derkatsch and L Bangs won 16 - 9
G Porter, M Thresher & P Chivers lost 9 - 22

11/09 SOUTHBOURNE (away, Men's Triples)

posted 12 Sept 2010, 03:28 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 15 Sept 2010, 10:20 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

P Chivers, J Hardy and L Bangs won 16 - 15
C Porter, M Thresher and F Knotts drew 13 - 13
M Lillywhite, A Somerville and K Maxwell won 19 - 10

Overall win to Witterings 48 - 38

11/09 SOUTHBOURNE (away Ladies triples)

posted 12 Sept 2010, 03:26 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 12 Sept 2010, 03:27 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

This match was cancelled.


posted 11 Sept 2010, 03:56 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 20 Sept 2010, 12:22 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

Witterings Ladies invited 10 visiting clubs to their Tournament they were Bognor, Crablands Maltravers, Emsworth, Rogate, Lancing, Norfolk, Telepost, West Dean and Little Spain with 2 teams from the Witterings. The afternoon started with a Spider won by June Taffurelli from Norfolk. The Ladies played 3 sessions of 8 ends each. At the end 2 teams were equal with a Total of 41 points and both teams had equal ends of 16 so the shot difference came in. The winning team were Witterings A with a shot difference of + 16 they were Judy Bangs Julie Mulligan Marion Corbett and C. Horsley skip. The Runners up were Little Spain with a shot difference of + 12.

Umpire of the Day was Frank Bray Judicators Maureen Mulligan and Carole Tuffin. A big thank you for our Sponsor this year who was Tilly Pasant, a member of our club who also helped behind the scenes all afternoon. 

After the match the Ladies came in for a 2 course meal provided by the Witterings men under the supervision of Jim Slogrove his helpers were Terry Mulligan Lindsay Bangs, Terry Passant, Gwilym Morgan, the bar was run by Jenny and Fred Knotts. After the meal the President Frank Bray presented the prizes and photos were taken of the prize winning teams.

Winners: Judy Bangs, Julie Mulligan, Marion Corbett & Chris Horsley   Runners Up: Little Spain

 Booby Prize: Rogate  Sponsor: Tilly Passant , Adjudicator: Carole Tuffin,
Umpire: Frank Bray


posted 11 Sept 2010, 03:34 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 14 Sept 2010, 03:42 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

Witterings had their Club Finals Weekend and luckily the weather managed to hold out for them, with just a little rain on the Sunday. Several of the games were very tight right until the last end and one game had to play an extra end to decide the winner. Also in the Triples one team scored a 9 wood Hot Shot but Barbara Newman and her team managed to come back and only lost on the last end. The Umpires for the weekend were Barry Horsley on Saturday and John Langworthy Sunday. Many thanks to all the Markers and helper for the weekend especially to Judy and Lindsay Bangs for the excellent BBQ Lunch on both days. At the end of both days the President Frank Bray presented the trophies and medals to the winners and runners up. He also thank Roz Hanbury for the organisation of the competitions. 

Results 2010 
Club Championship Winner Fred Knotts 
Runner up Lindsay Bangs 

Mens Singles Winner Fred Knotts 
Runner up Jim Slogrove 

Ladies Singles Winner Chris Horsley 
Runner up Jean Edwards 

Veterans Winner Ray Stephens 
Runner up Fred Knotts 

Handicap Winner Mark White 
Runner up Jim Slogrove 

Juniors Winner Lindsay Bangs 
Runner up John Hardy 

Mens Pairs Winner Ray Stephens and Mark White 
Runner up Stuart Hooker and Derek Jeffryes 

Ladies Pairs Winner Chris Horsley and Pat Hutton 
Runner up Carole Tuffin and Violet Jeffryes 

Club Pairs Winner Lindsay Bangs and Jan Derkatsch 
Runner up Maureen Mulligan and Stuart Hooker 

Two Woods Winner Paul Chivers 
Runner up Keith Maxwell 

Mens 100 Up Winner John Langworthy 
Runner up Mark White 

Ladies 100 Up Winner Carole Tuffin 
Runner up Marina Aylward 

Triples Winner Georgina Porter Judy Bangs Fred Knotts 
Runner up Roger Smith Les Cross Barbara Newman 

The Victor Ludorum was awarded to Fred Knotts


posted 6 Sept 2010, 13:16 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 11 Sept 2010, 03:07 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

Nine men and one lady entered the new bowlers singles competition at Witterings and had a very enjoyable morning of bowling. The competition was run on the lines of a Round Robin of 8 ends each game. Many new bowlers started off tense but as the morning progressed they began to relax and enjoy their bowling and it was nice to see how they had improved over the season. The winner and runner up actually played 48 ends each. The winner was Tony Gander and the runner up Gwilym Morgan. Well done to everyone that entered.

01/09 HAYLING ISLAND - 30th ANNIVERSARY (Ladies, friendly,home)

posted 6 Sept 2010, 13:13 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 12 Sept 2010, 04:47 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

Witterings 68 Hayling Island 49
A celebration of 30 years of fixtures between Witterings and Hayling Island ladies brought friends together in a match featuring one triple and two rinks.
Several ladies could remember as far back as 20 years and after the game they sat down to a birthday tea. Marina Aylward cut the cake she had made for the club. Thanks went to everyone who helped prepare the event.
J. Edwards, P. Hutton/ J. Derkatsch, M. Aylward , C. Horsley (s)  Lost 19 - 17
V. Hooker, B. Newman,C. Tuffin, P. Lillywhite(s)  Won 27 -13
Di. Leach, M. Mulligan, M. Corbett (s) Won 24 -17 

28/08, 29/08: Triples Weekend

posted 30 Aug 2010, 05:21 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 30 Aug 2010, 05:24 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

27/08: Maltravers (Home, LG League)

posted 30 Aug 2010, 02:18 by Witterings & District Bowls Club   [ updated 31 Aug 2010, 03:26 ]

Witterings 72 - Maltravers 92
P. Chivers, C. Jelf, F. Bray, D. Bell (s) Won 21 - 16 Top rink
M. Lillywhite, S. Maclean, D. Jeffryes, J. Slogrove (s) Lost 14 - 26
J. Hardy, T. Mulligan, L. Bangs, J. Langworthy (s)  Draw 20 - 20
M. White, C. Porter, G. Thomas, F. Knotts (s) Lost 17 - 30
Wittering Men played at home against Maltravers Men in the Littlehampton Gazette League and won on one rink and drew on one giving them 3 points.

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