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AUG 9th 2019 EMSWORTH (4 triples ladies F ) H

posted 10 Aug 2019, 06:30 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 75 – Emsworth 61 Friendly

Sandy Paton, Sheila Currell, Ros Hanbury (s) 19 - 13
Teresa Heathorn, Susan Hogarth, Val Hooker (s) 15 - 20
Jan Twynam, Margaret Bowell, Maureen Mulligan (s) 19 - 16
Jackie Clapton, Sue Dobson, Julie Mulligan (s) 22 - 12


posted 10 Aug 2019, 06:24 by Jen Knotts


On Thursday afternoon ten teams from surrounding clubs joined two Witterings teams for a knock out tournament with the
Henry Adams Cup and cash prizes at stake.

Before starting two Wittering players were substituted in the Hotham and Southbourne teams due to late cancellations by their players.
Three matches of eight ends each were played with opposing teams changing after each match.

The final results were : Chichester first with 32 points
2nd place Hotham with 28 points
3rd place Southbourne who matched Bognor with 25 points but the 24 – 20 shots was the decider.

Matches over, the players enjoyed a two course dinner cooked and served by Wittering club members before presentations by the President
and a vote of thanks to the helpers and Brian Barnes the men’s captain who had organised this event .

Thanks also go to our sponsors on this occasion - The Shore Inn and Scotts Farm Camping Site.


AUG 5th 2019 MIDDLETON (2 rinks GS & M League) A

posted 7 Aug 2019, 08:50 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 27 - Middleton 47

Susan Hogarth, Margaret Bowell, Val Hooker, Ros Hanbury (s)Lost 14 - 17
Sue Dobson, Sheila Currell, Julie Mulligan, Carole Tuffin (s)Lost 13 - 30 
Not one of our finer moments!

AUG 5th 2019 BOGNOR REGIS (2 rinks GS & M League) A

posted 6 Aug 2019, 10:58 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 22 – Bognor Regis 45 BM League.

Sue Dobson, Mark White, Gwilym Morgan (s) lost14--16
Diane Leach, Brian Barnes Carole Tuffin (s) lost 8--29

All 6 points to Bognor Regis

AUG 3rd 2019 LITTLE SPAIN (5 triples mixed F) H

posted 6 Aug 2019, 10:56 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 86 – Little Spain 76 Friendly

Jackie Clapton ,Glyn Dobson, Julie Mulligan (s) won 20—12
John Heathorn, Alan Somerville, Ros Hanbury (s) lost 16—22
Carol Clapp, Carole Tuffin, Alex Forsyth (s) won 22-14
Gordon Silva , Margaret Bowell ,Ken Clark(s) draw 12—12
Dennis Clapp, Ron Prior, Gwilym Morgan (s)draw 16-16

AUG 1st 2019 STORRINGTON (2 triples mixed BM League) A

posted 3 Aug 2019, 01:14 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 20 – Storrington 39 BM League

The game was enjoyable but the result for Witterings was not.
All six points to Storrington.

Sue Dobson,Stuart Hooker,Carole Tuffin (s) lost 11--16
Diane Leach,Glyn Dobson,Brian Barnes lost 9--23

JULY 30th 2019 NORFOLK (4 rinks men WSB League) A

posted 3 Aug 2019, 01:11 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 61 – Norfolk ‘B’ 93 WSB League

Witterings were soundly beaten by Norfolk losing three of four rinks
gaining just 2 points. 

Ron Prior, Glyn Dobson, Eric Shoyer, Lindsay Bangs (s) won 26 -9
Alan Somerville, David Buckton, Chris Jelf, Fred Knotts(s) lost 11-34
Stuart Hooker, David Gibbons, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan (s) lost 9-30
John Hardy, Doug Holden, Mark White, Ken Clark (s) lost 15 -20

JULY 27th & 28th 2019 TRIPLES WEEKEND

posted 2 Aug 2019, 13:38 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 6 Aug 2019, 13:51 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

After the hottest week of the year Triples Weekend began in the rain on Saturday morning.

Playing a Round Robin format 11 triples played 3 matches of 8 ends each before stopping for lunch by which time
the weather had improved and although sunny was very windy.
Two further matches of 8 ends were played during the afternoon which brought day one to a close.

On Sunday morning two further matches were played which resulted in Barbara Newman, Kevin Jobson and Marion Corbett
versus Ray Stephens, Doug Holden and John Hardy as the finalists.

The final was well supported by members and friends who saw Doug, John and Ray the victors winning by a comfortable 15 shots to 3.

JULY 25th 2019 STORRINGTON (2 triples BM League mixed) H

posted 26 Jul 2019, 11:12 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 38 – Storrington 26 BM League

Brian Barnes, John Hardy, Carole Tuffin (s) lost 14--16
Stuart Hooker, Ros Hanbury, Gwilym Morgan won 24--10
Wittering 4 points Storrington 2 points.

Storrington arrived an hour late owing to traffic, lots of it, most roads where gridlocked
but still played 18 ends .

JULY 22nd 2019 EAST PRESTON 'B' (4 rinks men WSB League) H

posted 24 Jul 2019, 09:43 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 94 - East Preston 54 WSB League

A convincing result for Witterings in this league match with a win in all four matches and a gain of 10 points.

Colin Carter, John Hardy, Mark White, Ken Clark (s) won 17-15
Ron Prior, Glyn Dobson, Eric Shoyer, Lindsay Bangs (s) won 26-8
David Buckton, Doug Holden, Chris Jelf, Ray Stephens (s) won 24-20
Stuart Hooker, Brian Barnes, Dave Bell, Gwilym Morgan (s) won 27-11

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