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SEPT 19th 2018 CENTRAL ESSEX BOWLS CLUB (6 triples mixed friendly) H

posted 20 Sept 2018, 03:33 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 119 – Central Essex BC 77. – Friendly.

Central Essex Bowls Club visited the Witterings during their tour in the South.
Very windy conditions tested the skill of the bowlers during their matches but it did not mar an afternoon of enjoyable bowling resulting in a win on all rinks for the Witterings.

Mark White, Alan Somerville,Brian Barnes (s) won 18 -15
Jackie Clapton, Fred Knotts, Anne May (s) won 25 -10
Geoff Harsant, Ken Clark, Carole Tuffin (s) won 19 -12
Doug Holden, Barbara Newman, Stuart Hooker (s) won 18 -15
John Heathorn, Margaret Bowell, John Langworthy (s) won 16 -14
Sandy Paton, Diane Leach, Ron Prior (s) won 23 -11.

SEPT 18th 2018 HAYLING ISLAND (3 triples ladies friendly) H

posted 20 Sept 2018, 03:29 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 39 - Hayling Island 46. Friendly
Our Friends 'from across the water' in Hayling Island came for a Ladies Friendly Match and we all enjoyed a very happy afternoon.
This was the 34th year that Hayling Island Ladies and the Witterings Ladies have enjoyed their matches and we hope this will continue for many years to come.
Hayling Island were the winners this year after a close match.

Chris Horsley, Jackie Clapton and Anne May (Sk) lost 11-16, 
Jan Twynam, Diane Leach and Barbara Newman (Sk) lost 10-17,
and Sandy Paton, Val Hooker and Carole Tuffin (Sk) won 18-13.

SEPT 3rd 2018 ARUNDEL (4 rinks men WSB League) H

posted 4 Sept 2018, 07:11 by Jen Knotts

Wittering 78 – Arundel 79 WSB League

A frustrating finish with just one shot difference
Wittering 6 points Arundel 4.

Ron Prior, John Hardy, Eric Shoyer, L. Bangs(s) won 20 -15
Chris Jelf, Fred Knotts, Ray Stephens, Dave Bell (s) won 24 – 19
Doug Holden, Glyn Dobson, Mark White, Ken Clark (s) won 21-14
Stuart Hooker, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan, John Langworthy (s) lost 13-31


posted 3 Sept 2018, 13:40 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 3 Sept 2018, 14:31 ]


AUG 30th 2018 CRABLANDS (3 rinks ladies friendly) H

posted 2 Sept 2018, 11:40 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 52 – Crablands 56 Ladies friendly

Crablands Ladies visited the Witterings Ladies for a friendly Match played in a very friendly atmosphere.
Although Crablands won by a few shots everyone enjoyed the game on a lovely sunny afternoon.

Jackie Clapton, Helen Mason, Barbara Newman, Carole Tuffin (sk) lost 17 -20
Sue Dobson,Marion Corbett, Karen Slogrove,Ann May (sk) lost 19-21
Jan Twynam, Sheila Currell, Val Hooker, Diane Leach (sk) won 16-15


AUG 29th 2018 STORRINGTON (2 rinks ladies GS & M League) A

posted 2 Sept 2018, 11:38 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 35 – Storrington 48 GS & M League

Witterings had an away match at Storrington in the GS&M Ladies League and
lost on both rinks.

Sheila Currell, Karen Slogrove, Chris Horsley and Barbara Newman (Sk) lost 23-28
and Marion Corbett, Margaret Bowell, Val Hooker and Diane Leach (Sk) lost 12-20.

AUG 25th 2018 CAPTAIN's DAY

posted 26 Aug 2018, 09:47 by Jen Knotts


AUG 23rd 2018 PULBOROUGH (2 triples mixed BM League) A

posted 26 Aug 2018, 09:45 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 27 – Pulborough 38 BM League

B.Barnes, G Morgan, C Tuffin (sk) lost 13--16 on the last end.
D. Leach G . Dobson,L. Bangs (sk) lost 14--22
Wittering 0 points Pulborough 6 points.

AUG 21st 2018 EAST PRESTON (Yellow) (2 rinks ladies G S & M League & 1 rink friendly) H

posted 26 Aug 2018, 09:42 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 40 - East Preston 36. GS & M League

Today we had our return home match against East Preston (Yellow) which  was a very enjoyable match played with many friends and very friendly Ladies. We were successful in winning this Match gaining 4 points to their 2.

Chris Horsley, Val Hooker, Diane Leach and Carole Tuffin (Sk) won 19 -11
Sue Dobson, Margaret Bowell, Julie Mulligan and Anne May (Sk) lost 21-25. A very close game 40 -36 shots.

Witterings 31 - East Preston 10 Friendly
We also had a friendly rink against East Preston, which was 'very friendly' - much laughter and giggling all through the match, which Witterings won very well.
The result was: Jan Twynam, Helen Mason, Jackie Clapton and Karen Slogrove (Sk) won 31-10

AUG 21st 2018 MALTRAVERS ( 2 rinks ladies G S & M League) A

posted 26 Aug 2018, 09:34 by Jen Knotts

Wittering 46 - Maltravers 46 GS & M League

Witterings away game against Maltravers was played on challenging and very fast greens.
The enjoyable and friendly match ended in an excitable draw of 46 shots each and 3 points each.

Sue Dobson, Val Hooker, Barbara Newman and Anne May (Sk) won 24 -19
Julie Mulligan, Marion Corbett, Diane Leach and Carole Tuffin (Sk) lost 22 - 27.

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