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JUNE 24th 2018 EAST PRESTON (4 rinks men WSB League) A

posted by Jen Knotts

Witterings 102 – East Preston 64 WSB League.

A great result for Witterings with a win on all rinks and 10 points.

B. Smethurst, C. Jelf, F. Knotts, D. Bell (s) won 22 -19
R. Prior, J. Hardy, E. Shoyer, L. Bangs (s) won 24 – 18
s. Hooker, B. Barnes, G. Morgan, J. Langworthy (s) won 38-11
C. Carter, A. Somerville, G. Dobson, K. Clark (s) won 18 -16

JUNE 22nd 2018 STORRINGTON (2 rinks ladies GS & M League) H

posted 23 Jun 2018, 03:48 by Jen Knotts

 Witterings 40 – Storrington 37 GS & M League 

A close and enjoyable GS & M league match with a win and 4 points for Witterings.

Julie Mulligan, Maureen Mulligan, Diane Leach, Carole Tuffin (s) won 19 -11
Jackie Clapton, Chris Horsley, Val Hooker , Barbara Newman (s) lost 21-26

JUNE 19th 2018 BOGNOR REGIS (2 rinks ladies friendly) A

posted 20 Jun 2018, 02:25 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 36 - Bognor Regis 30

Witterings Ladies had a very enjoyable Friendly match against Bognor Ladies. 
It was a close fought game with the Witterings just gaining the win. 

Marion Corbett, Val Hooker, Chris Horsley and Barbara Newman (Sk) lost 13 - 18
Karen Slogrove, Maureen Mulligan, Carole Tuffin and Anne May (Sk) Won 23 - 12.

JUNE 18th 2018 BOGNOR REGIS'B' (4 rinks men WSB League ) A

posted 19 Jun 2018, 10:28 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 61 – Bognor ’B’ 90. WSB League

S. Hooker, B. Barnes, G. Morgan, J. Langworthy (s) lost 16 -17
N. Miller, C. Jelf, F. Knotts, D. Bell (s) lost 10 -27
R. Prior, J. Hardy, E shoyer, L. Bangs (s) won 21 -14
C. Carter, B. Smethurst, G. Dobson, K. Clark (s) lost 14-32

2 points Witterings – 8 points Bognor ‘B’.

JUNE 13th 2018 RAFA ( 2 triples mixed friendly) H

posted 17 Jun 2018, 05:10 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 30 - RAFA 25. Friendly

The 2 friendly rinks ended in a win for the Witterings.

Karen Slogrove, Chris Horsley and Brian Barnes (Sk) Lost 10-17
David Gibbons, Gwilym Morgan and Anne May (Sk) Won 20-8.

JUNE 13th 2018 RAFA ( 2 triples mixed BM League) H

posted 17 Jun 2018, 05:08 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 34 - RAFA 37. BM League

Witterings had a home fixture in the BM League against RAFA on Wednesday which was a very close match ending in a win for RAFA.

Margaret Bowell, Stuart Hooker and Dave Bell (Sk) Lost 14-18
Colin Carter, Maureen Mulligan and Ken Clark (Sk) Won 20-19.

Witterings 2 points RAFA 4 points

JUNE 12th 2018 NORFOLK (1 triple mixed friendly) A

posted 13 Jun 2018, 08:29 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 14– Norfolk 17 Friendly

S.Dobson, J. Heathorn, D. Gibbons (s) lost on the last end18th end 14-17

JUNE 12th 2018 NORFOLK ( 2 triples mixed BM League) A

posted 13 Jun 2018, 08:23 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 26 -Norfolk 43. BM League

G. Dobson B. Barnes , Anne May (s) won 14-13
S, Currell C, Jelf, K. Clark (s) lost 12-30

2points to Witterings 4 points to Norfolk.

JUNE 11th 2018 ARUNDEL (2 rinks ladies GSM League) A

posted 12 Jun 2018, 02:18 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 13 Jun 2018, 08:19 ]

Witterings 41 Arundel 30. G S & M League

The Witterings Ladies played the Arundel Ladies in the next round of the GS&M Ladies League (Game Set and Match) on Monday at Arundel BC.
Our previous Ladies Captain, Mrs Anne May, celebrated her 80th birthday on the green and bowled a fantastic last wood of the game to help her team to a very good win
so Witterings gained all 6 points from the match.

Sue Dobson, Margaret Bowell, Val Hooker and Carole Tuffin (Sk) won 17-16 and
Julie Mulligan, Marion Corbett, Barbara Newman and Anne May (Sk) won 24 - 14


JUNE 11th 2018 ARUNDEL (4 rinks men WSB League) A

posted 12 Jun 2018, 02:17 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 69 – Arundel 80 WSB League

N. Miller, B. Smethurst, J. Hardy, S. Hooker (s) won 25 -19
C. Carter, D. Gibbons, J. Langworthy, K. Clark (s) won 17 -15
C. Jelf, B. Barnes, G. Morgan, D. Bell (s) lost 10-28
R. Prior, G. Dobson, E. Shoyer, L. Bangs (s) lost 17 -18

Two very close matches with Witterings gaining 4 points and
Arundel 6 points.

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