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AUG 16th 2018 PAGHAM (4 rinks men WSB League) A

posted by Jen Knotts

This match was cancelled as heavy rain made the rinks unfit for play.

AUG 15th 2018 BOGNOR REGIS (3 rinks ladies friendly) H

posted by Jen Knotts

Wittering 46 – Bognor Regis 46 Friendly.

The Witterings Ladies had a very friendly and enjoyable match against the Ladies from Bognor BC recently.
It was played in good spirit and the 3 Triples match ended in a draw.

The teams were: Sue Dobson, Margaret Bowell and Barbara Newman (Sk) lost 10-18.
Helen Mason, Maureen Mulligan and Anne May (Sk) won 21-15
and Sandy Paton, Val Hooker and Diane Leach (Sk) won 15-13.

AUG 11th 2018 PULBOROUGH (4 rinks men WSB League) A

posted 12 Aug 2018, 08:13 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 58 – Pulborough 89 WSBL

In spite of close finishes on two rinks Witterings were unable to glean any points in this match against Pulborough.

R. Prior, J Hardy ,E Shoyer L Bangs (sk) lost 11--17
G,Dobson , D Gibbons D Bell R Stephens(sk) lost 10--30
S Hooker B Barnes G Morgan J Langworthy(sk) lost 20--22
C Carter B Smethurst M White. K Clark(sk) lost 17--20

Wittering points 0 Pulborough points 10


posted 9 Aug 2018, 05:21 by Jen Knotts

This event was cancelled due to heavy overnight rain making the greens unfit for play.

AUG 8th 2018 PETERSFIELD ( 3 triples men HOLBROOK CUP) H

posted 9 Aug 2018, 05:19 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 10 Aug 2018, 07:34 ]

Witterings 32 - Petersfield 54 Holbrook Cup

G. Dobson, F. Knotts, G. Morgan (s) lost 14 -16
J. Mulligan, R. Prior, L. Bangs (s) lost 4 -24
d. Leach, B. Barnes, C. Tuffin (s) Draw 14 -14

AUG 7th 2018 EAST PRESTON (2 rinks ladies GS & M league) H

posted 8 Aug 2018, 09:23 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 50 – East Preston 16 .GS &M League.

The Witterings Ladies had another very good win in their Game Set and Match Leagues game against East Preston on Tuesday winning all 6 points.

Sue Dobson, Chris Horsley, Barbara Newman and Anne May (Sk) won 17-11,
Margaret Bowell, Maureen Mulligan, Diane Leach and Carole Tuffin (Sk) won 33-5

AUG 5th 2018 TEMPLE FORTUNE (4 triples mixed friendly) H

posted 6 Aug 2018, 01:27 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 10 Aug 2018, 06:59 ]

Witterings 46 - Temple Fortune 68. Friendly.

Temple Fortune Club travelled from North London for this match of four triples at Wittering.
They left Witterings trailing by winning on three of the four rinks.

David Gibbons Maureen Mulligan Lindsay Bangs (sk) won 15--13
Susan Hogarth Chris Horsley, John Langworthly (sk) lost 12--17
Sue Dobson Jackie Clapton, Alan Somerville (sk) lost 11--17
Brian Barnes Diane Leach, Dave Bell (sk) lost 8--21

AUG 4th 2018 LITTLE SPAIN (5 triples mixed F) H

posted 6 Aug 2018, 01:24 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 8 Aug 2018, 09:21 ]

Witterings 99 – Little Spain 69 Friendly

The Witterings had a good win with their Mixed Friendly match against Little Spain recently winning on all rinks.

Helen Mason, Glyn Dobson and Brian Barnes (Sk) won 19-16,
Geoff Harsant, Mark White and Diane Leach (Sk) won 24-9,
Susan Hogarth, Colin Carter and Gwilym Morgan (Sk) won 17-15,
Sue Dobson, Doug Holden and Fred Knotts (Sk)won 22-15
Graham Mason, Sheila Currell and Julie Mulligan (Sk) won 17-14.

AUG 2nd 2018 STORRINGTON (2 triples mixed BM League)A

posted 4 Aug 2018, 09:03 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 38 – Storrington 28 BM League

J. Mulligan B. Barnes, G Morgan (sk) lost 18--19
G. Dobson S. Hooker, C, Tuffin (sk) won 20--9
Wittering 4 points, Storrington 2 points.


JULY 31st 2018 CHICHESTER (4 triples mixed friendly) H

posted 4 Aug 2018, 09:01 by Jen Knotts

Witterings 85 – Chichester 51 Friendly

Witterings had a friendly match against Chichester recently which resulted in a good win for Witterings.

Mark White, Chris Horsley, and Fred Knotts (Sk) won 27-11,
Geoff Harsant, Eric Shoyer and Ray Stephens (Sk) won 17-15,
Sheila Currell, Chris Jelf and Gwilym Morgan (Sk) won 18-13
Brian Barnes, Diane Leach and Carole Tuffin (Sk) won 23-12.


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