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posted 2 Oct 2011, 10:30 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 2 Oct 2011, 10:32 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

Hi Folks
Thank you to everyone who has helped over the past few months with the maintenance of the grounds. We have achieved such a lot between us. Thank you also to all those who turned up to help with putting the top dressing on the green and putting the Club to bed. As I was taking it easy on holiday it was nice to hear from Jim that the wheels on the barrow’s were humming, I believe that there was only 1 squeaking (only joking). Maintenance does not stop during the winter so you may well get a phone call for help.
Enjoy the break from bowls but please do not forget the Men’s AGM on 9th October starting at 10.30 am. See you there.


posted 21 Sept 2011, 04:24 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 22 Sept 2011, 03:14 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

Eight teams of immaculately clad members were present to play in the match in memory of Mick Edwards, a longstanding and much loved member of the club, who died earlier this year.
The weather was just perfect and after a welcoming speech by Jim the men v women matches commenced.

A great afternoons bowling was enjoyed by everyone with the men victors and winners of the Green Rangers Shield.

Jean ( with help from Barbara)  provided and hosted a sumptuous buffet, and David Edwards joined the members which made this a special and memorable occasion.


posted 21 Sept 2011, 04:23 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 27 Sept 2011, 03:11 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

Warm September sunshine greeted the bowlers playing  six triples matches for the Eric Smith Trophy.
A great afternoons bowling was had by all and the winners were Derek Jeffryes, Barry Horsley and Cliff Poulter.
Tea, hosted by Roger and Carole was served in the clubhouse, bringing this prestigious day to a close.
For details of The Eric Smith Trophy see the history section.


posted 9 Sept 2011, 10:47 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 10 Sept 2011, 01:44 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

Chris Horsley was host and sponsor at The Ladies Invitation Tournament today. Ten invited teams joined two Wittering teams on a grey and very windy afternoon and were greeted by Chris in the clubhouse ,with a glass of Sangria for each member. This set the tone and inspite of the buffeting wind the smiles and laughter were maintained (just).
After the match a superb two course meal was cooked by Jim Slogrove and served by the 'Wittering Waiters', male members of the club who just love to look after the ladies.
A huge raffle was drawn and votes of thanks from all sides were given.
All in all a great afternoon.
Received on the 'Contact us' site 8/9/11-
'Congratulations and well done for a superb ladies tournament yesterday. We all enjoyed the afternoon.
Val, Jenny, Rene and Sylvia (Little Spain) 

3rd & 4th Sept.2011 FINALS WEEKEND.

posted 9 Sept 2011, 10:37 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 9 Sept 2011, 10:46 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

Saturday dawned bright and sunny for the first leg of the finals competitions and all the matches were close and exciting with nailbiting ends for the eventual victors.
Sunday saw a disruption to some games due to heavy rain but again the matches were extremely close and well worthy of a finals competition.
The clubhouse was full of supporters for the presentations bringing an eventful and enjoyable weekend to a close.

28/08/2011 JOHN HOSTLER - Bowler and musician

posted 29 Aug 2011, 07:22 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 29 Aug 2011, 09:51 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

John has been a member of the bowls club for about three years and has made his mark as a keen and valuable player.
Little did we know that he is also a talented musician - singing, playing guitar and drums.
He was in the hugely successful Variety Show at the village hall last week so no longer will he be able to hide his light under a bushel.
Our congratulations to all the cast on a great production.
Herewith a few words from John about the show with videos on youtube for you to click on and enjoy:- 
'I have one more video than what I sent here, still need to upload to youtube. The group "Roll over Beethoven" video ,for some reason only Thyrone can explain, is sideways (Chinese version :-) but its me drumming 20 years after selling my drums. These drums belong to the vocalist who just defeated throat cancer, brave guy!
We raised over £1000.00 for the village hall so the hard work  (AND IT WAS) was very worthwhile. The sound quality isnt bad considering it was an i phone video, but stage lighting not so grand'.

28/08/2011 TERRY'S TABLOID

posted 29 Aug 2011, 07:07 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 29 Aug 2011, 07:21 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

Hi Folks
What a hard taskmaster that green keeper is. Comes back from holiday all refreshed and has us all working in the rain to get the green ready for Maltravers. It paid off as we had a very nice win gaining 10 points and what a lovely afternoon. Well done everyone. Thank you to all those who helped to maintain the green whilst Jimbo lived it up in Norway. (Rumour has it HE has given up ALCOHOL)
Thought of the Day
The bench seat, parasol and umbrella donated by one of our members and refurbished by Fred and his assistant looks very nice in its new setting outside the sun hut. Give it a try.
P.S from the 'editor' - Fred's assistant and 'gofer' was modest Terry who certainly deserves a mention here.

17/08/2011 PRAISE FROM and for TERRY

posted 19 Aug 2011, 04:18 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 19 Aug 2011, 04:29 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

Hi Guys and Gals
Thanks for all your help with the maintenance of the grounds.  Its hard to believe there are only about 5 weeks of the bowls season left but leaves and weeds still fall and grow.  See you Friday please.  The next big job I expect is the Autumn hedge trim etc.  A big thank you to Jan for the mid morning maintenance tea party - those cakes – I only managed 3! (who knows we may get a full English one morning).
Thought for the day - from Jen
Thank you Terry for your perseverance, hard work and encouragement to other members which has resulted in a club and grounds to be proud of. 


posted 8 Aug 2011, 03:33 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 23 Aug 2011, 10:55 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

Witterings welcomed nine bowls teams from Bognor, City Club (Chichester), Hotham, London Transport, Middleton, Pagham, Rogate, West Sussex Touring Club, and Worthing Pavilion together with three home Witterings teams to our Men’s Invitation Tournament on a lovely sunny afternoon.

A fine afternoon of bowls was had by all. After each team had played three rinks matches of eight ends the winning team was one of the home Witterings teams; namely Paul Chivers, Stuart Hooker, Lindsay Bangs and Dave Bell (s). City Club (Chichester) were runners up and Middleton were third.

Many thanks to Chris and Carole who kept the scores, Jean and Maureen who served a sumptuous meal to the players, Keith and Carol behind the bar and all who helped make this a very enjoyable afternoon.


05/08/2011 TERRY'S TRIBUTE

posted 7 Aug 2011, 06:30 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 7 Aug 2011, 06:35 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

Thanks folks.  Another successful week of maintenance.  The green and surrounding areas are certainly looking nice.  The brambles behind the pavilion have now all been cut back and cleared thanks to a couple of hardworking members. Is there anyone out there with a friend who would like to keep it cut back, perhaps once a month?  In anticipation my phone number to apply for this prestigious job is 674282.  Who spotted the lumberjack and topiary team on Friday?  Thanks to both of you.
Thought of the Day
Some members assume that if you leave dirty crockery etc in the sink it will wash itself up and put itself away.  Please do not leave it to others to clear up behind you.
PS  The Triples Weekend.  Great organisation, food ,weather, the green and the teams – what a cracking weekend. Well done everyone.

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