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posted 29 Jul 2019, 12:46 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 29 Jul 2019, 12:50 ]
During the lunch time break on Triples Weekend Finals Day, club members were entertained to the following ditty written and sung by club member David Gibbons.
David and Ron Prior both played guitars and for those unable to attend, and even those who did attend, a second reading of his witty rhymes is a treat:

I moved down to West Sussex
Lookin’ for a bowls club ground
And here in old East Witt’ring
This is what I found 
The men’s captain is Brian
The president is Fred
They both are real good bowlers
And know how to read a head

Oh, gotta tell you mama
Gotta tell you all the news
Gotta tell you mama
I got those Witt’ring Bowls Club blues

And then there’s Gwilym Morgan
For he’s the roll-up king 
He always likes to fire 
His bowls fly with a zing.
The greenkeeper’s called Kenneth
 In height he doesn’t lack
And once he’s got his eye in
He’s always on the jack
Oh, gotta tell you mama….

And then there’s Colin Carter
He loves to puff and pant
If there’s one thing he likes more than bowls
It’s to have a good old rant.
And here is dear Ron Prior
As a bowler he’s a star
But one thing he likes more than bowls
It’s to play his old guitar
Oh, gotta tell you mama….

And then we have the Dobsons
He’s Glyn and she’s called Sue
If you ever get in trouble
They’ll get you out of a stew.
There’s Langworthy and Heathorn,
And Hardy, all called John, 
On their day they’re hard to beat
You’ll blink and find they’ve won
Oh, gotta tell you mama….

You can’t miss Stuart Hooker
Or his bowls, they’re gleaming red
He’s always got a joke to tell
And a laugh to raise the dead.
Another one with bright red bowls
Is the very jolly Ray
But don’t be fooled by that kindly grin
He can beat you any day.
Oh, gotta tell you mama….

And there’s a sergeant major
His team mates he harangues 
I guess it’s just he likes to win
His name is...Lindsay Bangs. 
Dave Bell’s a former boxer
Who always turns up late
As the match is about to begin
He wanders through the gate
Oh, gotta tell you mama….

And then there are the ladies,
There’s Ros and Chris, Diane,
And Helen, Maureen, Julie 
Two Carols, just one Anne.
There’s Jackie, Marion, Sheila
Karen, Jan and Jen
Val and Sue, so many more 
Much nicer than those men!
Oh, gotta tell you mama….

Now I hope you will forgive me
If you haven’t heard your name
It’s just that I’ve run out of rhymes 
And I love you all the same.
And lastly listen fellas
I’m sure you all agree 
We gotta bowl well in the Sussex league
And get out of division three!
Oh, gotta tell you mama....