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AUG 10th 2019 ALAN MAY

posted 14 Aug 2019, 13:13 by Jen Knotts

It is with great sadness that we have received the news of Alan's death and extend
our deepest sympathy to Anne and the family.

The funeral service is on Tuesday 27th August at Chichester Crematorium at 12.30pm
with family flowers only.

The wake is at Crouchers Hotel and Anne would like any members to join her and the family if you wish.


posted 13 Aug 2019, 08:25 by Jen Knotts

Date of funeral   -  Thursday 22nd August 2019

Time       -   10 am.

Venue     -  Oaks Crematorium
                   Bartons Road
                   PO9 5NA

Request - Family flowers only.


posted 10 Aug 2019, 04:58 by Jen Knotts

It is with great sadness that we have heard today of the death of Maurice Lillywhite a longstanding and revered member of our club.
Our thoughts are with his wife  Peg one of our life members.

Details of the funeral arrangements will be posted when available.

Please direct any correspondence to :
Peg Lillywhite,
16, Ely Close,
PO20 8NF


posted 29 Jul 2019, 12:46 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 29 Jul 2019, 12:50 ]

During the lunch time break on Triples Weekend Finals Day, club members were entertained to the following ditty written and sung by club member David Gibbons.
David and Ron Prior both played guitars and for those unable to attend, and even those who did attend, a second reading of his witty rhymes is a treat:

I moved down to West Sussex
Lookin’ for a bowls club ground
And here in old East Witt’ring
This is what I found 
The men’s captain is Brian
The president is Fred
They both are real good bowlers
And know how to read a head

Oh, gotta tell you mama
Gotta tell you all the news
Gotta tell you mama
I got those Witt’ring Bowls Club blues

And then there’s Gwilym Morgan
For he’s the roll-up king 
He always likes to fire 
His bowls fly with a zing.
The greenkeeper’s called Kenneth
 In height he doesn’t lack
And once he’s got his eye in
He’s always on the jack
Oh, gotta tell you mama….

And then there’s Colin Carter
He loves to puff and pant
If there’s one thing he likes more than bowls
It’s to have a good old rant.
And here is dear Ron Prior
As a bowler he’s a star
But one thing he likes more than bowls
It’s to play his old guitar
Oh, gotta tell you mama….

And then we have the Dobsons
He’s Glyn and she’s called Sue
If you ever get in trouble
They’ll get you out of a stew.
There’s Langworthy and Heathorn,
And Hardy, all called John, 
On their day they’re hard to beat
You’ll blink and find they’ve won
Oh, gotta tell you mama….

You can’t miss Stuart Hooker
Or his bowls, they’re gleaming red
He’s always got a joke to tell
And a laugh to raise the dead.
Another one with bright red bowls
Is the very jolly Ray
But don’t be fooled by that kindly grin
He can beat you any day.
Oh, gotta tell you mama….

And there’s a sergeant major
His team mates he harangues 
I guess it’s just he likes to win
His name is...Lindsay Bangs. 
Dave Bell’s a former boxer
Who always turns up late
As the match is about to begin
He wanders through the gate
Oh, gotta tell you mama….

And then there are the ladies,
There’s Ros and Chris, Diane,
And Helen, Maureen, Julie 
Two Carols, just one Anne.
There’s Jackie, Marion, Sheila
Karen, Jan and Jen
Val and Sue, so many more 
Much nicer than those men!
Oh, gotta tell you mama….

Now I hope you will forgive me
If you haven’t heard your name
It’s just that I’ve run out of rhymes 
And I love you all the same.
And lastly listen fellas
I’m sure you all agree 
We gotta bowl well in the Sussex league
And get out of division three!
Oh, gotta tell you mama....


posted 22 Jul 2019, 10:45 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 22 Jul 2019, 12:03 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]


posted 18 Jun 2019, 01:47 by Jen Knotts


Witterings and District Bowls Club celebrated 50 years of bowling this weekend.
From humble beginnings 50 years ago the club is now well established on the bowling calendar and has proved to be a popular venue
with touring sides and local clubs, with a fine reputation for the friendliness and hospitality that is always offered.


On Saturday 15th June, with perfect timing the rain stopped, the clouds lifted and the Anniversary afternoon got under way.
A ‘spider’ started the events and the winner of a bottle of champagne was ladies captain Chris Horsley.
The proceeds collected from this were donated to the club’s chosen charity.

Six mixed triples matches followed with the teams changing their position of play after every six ends.
The winning team with most shots were Maureen Mulligan, Jackie Clapton and Alan Somerville.
The runners up were Ken Clark, Dave Buckton and Sandy Paton.

Matches over, members and friends gathered in the Pavilion where President Fred Knotts presented prizes to the winners
and a buffet was set for all to enjoy.


Sunday 16th June started with heavy rain all morning and doubts that this event would even take place, but, with perfect timing once again
the rain stopped in time for the afternoon of bowling.

A ‘spider’ started the afternoon once again then four triples and one rink embarked on numerous fun games of bowls with three triples teams
emerging as victors.
The winners were Barbara Newman, Mark White and Glyn Dobson who beat Ken Green, Tony Nixon and Kevin Jobson by one shot,
followed by Lindsay Bangs, Teresa Heathorn and Lesley Thomas in third place.

Exhausted and wind battered bowlers were ready for a sit down in the club house where they were served enjoyable and much needed refreshments.

Captains Brian Barnes and Chris Horsley presented the prizes and the raffle was drawn.
The weekend was brought to a close with a vote of thanks from President Fred. Knotts


posted 2 Jun 2019, 01:15 by Jen Knotts

Congratulations to our Club Secretary and Ladies Captain, Chris Horsley who was  confirmed as the Junior Vice President of the Sussex County Bowls (Women's Section), at the Sussex County Match against Essex on 29th May. 


posted 6 May 2019, 02:07 by Jen Knotts   [ updated 7 May 2019, 12:34 by Witterings & District Bowls Club ]

The Witterings and District Bowls club are proud to be celebrating their Golden Anniversary this year.

The Club has gone from very humble beginnings 50 years ago, to become the popular and competitive venue it is today. 
This transformation is largely due to the time and input by members whose unstinting hard work behind the scenes maintains the Club and grounds to such a high standard.

We are also indebted to the GF Woodger Trust whose financial support over the years has enabled us to purchase expensive yet vital items of equipment from huts to lawn machinery which has allowed  our hard working Green Keeper Ken Clark to maintain the greens to an enviable standard.

I am proud to be your President during this celebratory year.
Thank you all for your input and good luck with the matches and competitions.



posted 27 Mar 2019, 08:16 by Jen Knotts

On 17th March 2019 we received the sad news of the death of our club member Peter Foland and our thoughts are with his wife Pat at this sad time. 

For those wishing to attend the funeral details are:

Chichester Crematorium at 2p.m. on 2nd April 2019.

2019 JAN 26th & 27th GILL BELL ART SALE.

posted 2 Jan 2019, 14:46 by Witterings & District Bowls Club   [ updated 28 Jan 2019, 14:12 ]

An opportunity to purchase paintings by Gill, an accomplished artist well known to Bowling Club members.

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